“There ain’t know cure…”

In each of the areas I have some, as it were, material interests people are beginning to ask questions about who should be made to pay for the financial crisis.  University students and youth workers, as well as theatre makers are beginning to wonder whether the so-called “cuts” will mean the end of the victories […]

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The Eighties Revival And Idiot Boots

Say hello to the smooth dazzling veneer of the retro future 1980’s.  Electro pop acts are at the top of the charts and leggings are OK to wear in public.  Shocking. If you thought leggings were a bad 80’s fad to bring back, wait till you see people wearing these shoes. With fashions such as […]

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Fashionable Cynicism and the Politics of Despair

It may shock younger people to learn that there was a time when people believed in politics.  For better or worse, most people in this country believed that through a variety of political means (parliamentary or otherwise) society could be changed, for the better.  At some point, this ceased to be the case. Now, people […]

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