Racism in narratives: Thinking about Hurr and Portrayals of Race

One of the things, that I will touch on more in my next post, that has come out of directing Hurr was the notion of the “crisis of representation”, which is my shorthand really for tying the ever decreasing  numbers of working class, minority ethnic and women artists who find a place to make their […]

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Hurr- First Post

I am now a couple of weeks into the process of developing my play Hurr, towards an R&D sharing at Theatre in the Mill.  People who have followed my work and blog will know a bit about, but for those of you who don’t here is a brief synopsis: Hurr is an adaptation of a part of the Taziyeh a […]

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City of Sanctuary or City of Dreams? Conversations with Madani Younis and the events of Carthage.

I have been lucky enough over the past couple of weeks to be involved with the discussion going on at Freedom Studios around their new show The City of Dreams http://www.themill-cityofdreams.com/ Both Madani (Artistic Director) and Omar (Associate Director) have some sharp ideas, and a few sessions of throwing narrative ideas around have taught me […]

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“There ain’t know cure…”

In each of the areas I have some, as it were, material interests people are beginning to ask questions about who should be made to pay for the financial crisis.  University students and youth workers, as well as theatre makers are beginning to wonder whether the so-called “cuts” will mean the end of the victories […]

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The Eighties Revival And Idiot Boots

Say hello to the smooth dazzling veneer of the retro future 1980’s.  Electro pop acts are at the top of the charts and leggings are OK to wear in public.  Shocking. If you thought leggings were a bad 80’s fad to bring back, wait till you see people wearing these shoes. With fashions such as […]

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Thoughts on Writing Hurr

The story of Hurr is based on the narration of the story of the third Imam of Shia’ Muslims, Hussein.  For the Shia’, the story of the death of Hussein and the murder of his family means the physical victory of tyranny over justice, at the same time as it does the eventual and ultimate victory […]

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Response to “Four Lions”

how rosy do those days of Sari, Steel band and Samosa based pseudo-multicultural racism look in the age of cultural cohesion and Preventing Violent Extremism?

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