It seems like another country, the heroic period of Southall Black Sisters and the early victories of Black trade unionists, to call oneself a Black person was a radical act.  It was to give up the meaningless post-colonial divisions between peoples who had met European modernity at the barrel of a gun and embrace that which united us;  the experience of the socio-economics of racism and the rejection of the white power structure.  It was also to identify oneself, not only with the struggles of othered groups here in the core of neo-colonial capitalism, but also those caught in its claws all over the world; from the jungles of Vietnam to the stadiums of Chile.

As a politically committed artist, I want to make work that comes from and responds to the world around it.  That world is one as mired as ever in racism, oppression and the exploitation of human beings, by human beings.  The scars of the holocaust, the European slave trade and colonial imperialism never healed, and they are picked open and deepened by the racism and oppression of every day life.  Bearing this in mind, it is clear why I don’t wish to have any thing to do with the identities this system has created to explain away the problems it wants to wish away through empty discursive stratagems,  I’m not “Asian British”, not “half-caste” and certainly not “mixed/other”.

Be that as it may, no amount of explanation or hysterical political outburst will speak as my work will.  I originally began this blog to track progress (and hopefully encourage discussion about) issues arising form and around the creation of the play “Hurr”.  As it developed I realised that the most interesting parts of my journey, the ones people might want to read about where the ones were things I undertook for the project met questions in the public imagination. Along with the occasional poem and piece of music, that is what I offer to you here.

Javaad Alipoor

The views on this blog are my own.  They are not those of the organizations that have kindly supported me.



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