Broken Brexit Promises- Things I didn’t Say (Even though you say I did)

On the Devastating News (that I allegedly predicted the outcome of the referendum wrong)

There are some scurrilous rumours going around, and I just want to nip them in the bud now. Some people are saying that I predicted that the Remain camp would win with a solid 10% lead. These people, if I can call them that, are claiming, in essence, that I was wrong. What’s worse, they claim that I was wrong, in public, on the internet.

I imagine that you are as upset about this as I am.

In the midst of the greatest political crisis of our generations (namely that I might have been wrong) I wanted to take a moment to actually speak back against these baseless accusations.

First, I didn’t say it. I am telling you I didn’t. And after all, I know what I did and didn’t say.  There is only the hearsay and speculation of people who have always been my enemies. They are saying, shockingly, that I claimed that the results would be 55% to 45% in favour of Remain. Anyone who knows anything about anything knows I never said any such thing.

Second, these people have no evidence of any of this being true. There is no evidence. I cant say this clearly enough.  There isn’t any evidence.  Evidence.  There.  Any.  Isn’t. The Facebook thread where I supposedly crow about everyone else panicking when I know Remain will safely win has been deleted. That is the only evidence that would have existed, if these outrageous allegations were at all true. As a result, there is no evidence that I was wrong at all, which is natural, because I wasn’t.

Third: If it was the case that I was wrong (unimaginable) and evidence existed of this (which it doesn’t), the issue would actually be more complicated. If I had have said that Remain would win by 45% (which I didn’t), I wouldn’t have meant it in some vulgar, simple, obvious way. In fact, I would have (but I didn’t) meant it in an incredibly complex, multifaceted and philosophically dialectical way. It would have (but it wasn’t) been meant as a provocation, a form of critique and a rueful satire. Potentially as a sort of marker of what could be achieved, given proper management and investment. Whatever. Just not an actual incorrect prediction. Let alone a lie.  But I didn’t, there is no evidence that I did, and so clearly, it wasn’t.

brexit bus

I just wanted to take this moment to address these rumours. Not for myself, but you know, for the children. The future generations. The human children of the future generations.

In short; I didn’t say it, there is no evidence that I said it, and if I had said it, I wouldn’t have meant it (but I didn’t and there is no evidence that I did).

Hoping we can move forward together,

PS Any similarity to Exit campaign politicians, and their relation to the things they apparently said during the campaign (£350 million) are entirely accidental. Where as they did in fact say these things, I in fact…. (See above)

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