The Rising of the Moon- Spoken Word Recordings

Just this week, my company Northern Lines presented its last play in its current iteration, as part of The Bradford Festival.

The play told the story of the ill fated Chartist uprising of 1848, Bradford’s last Chartist stand.  A promenade play, the audience followed the stories around Bradford city centre.  As part of this journey, the journal entires of Jonathon Alberts, a fictional landlord of the 250 year old Shoulder of Mutton pub recounted his tail.

If you want to go on the trail yourself, or just listen at home here are the MP3 recordings of those journal entries:

1) Walking from Centenary Square to the City Vaults:

Journal Entry 1

2) Walking from the City Vaults to Shoulder of Mutton

Journal Entry 2

3) Walking from Shoulder of Mutton to the Old Bank.

Journal Entry 3

4) Walking from Old Bank to the Wool Exchange

Journal Entry 4

5) Outside City Hall

Journal Entry 5

6) Inside City Hall

Journal Entry 6

DSC_0003_1534_edited-1 DSC_0051_1582_edited-1 DSC_0060_1591_edited-1 DSC_0069_1600_edited-1 DSC_0166_1697_edited-1 DSC_0178_1709_edited-1

Pics courtesy of Imran Manzoor.  Sound Design by Martin Thompson.  Monologues written and performed by me.  Extra direction from Natalie Diddams.

Cast in the photos are Helen Wilkinson, Liz Radice, Keeley Lane, Daniel Priestley, David Peel and Caroline Plant.

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