Interview: Peter Kalu on Black and Asian Writers Walking Confidently Within a Changing World

Media Diversified

Pete Kalu

by Micah Yongo

To say Peter Kalu is talented would be an understatement. He started writing as part of the Moss Side Write black writers’ workshop and is now the author of several published novels, film scripts and award winning theatre productions. Along with coordinating the annual Black and Asian Writer’s Conference he also supports the development of young writers from minority backgrounds through his work with Commonword. I recently had the chance to pick his brains about a number of topics including the book industry, the need for more diversity in the arts, and the challenges facing writers of colour in the UK today.

MY: You’re a poet, playwright, novelist, artistic director and also chief executive of Commonword. Does it ever get confusing wearing all these hats? And how did the last of these roles, your work with Commonword, first begin?

PK: I guess I am a writer. I…

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