Forough’s Letter

My Brother's Country

In the play My Brother’s Country part of the story is made up of monologues we have been working on, inspired by the poetry of Forough Farrokhzad.  As part of thinking these through, I wrote a letter, from Forough to Fereydoun, imagining what she would say to him when he first went to Germany:

The sea’s heavy patience patronized those rhythms I’m sure, whilst my brother wrote and laughed; sailing to Germany. A young man, a student travelling to study. The Persian saying, that we grew up with, is from Saadi, a patronizing and moralistic turn of phrase “ze gahvaareh taa goor danesh bejoo”. “From the cradle unto the grave seek knowledge”. Mohammad said it with his characteristic lightness, nomads are like that, “If science hung from the farthest star in the sky, the Persian’s would find it there”. Ferry, spending a whole life grasping for an unreachable star,


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