Extracts from Hurr- Two Scenes

Scene 5


(Hurr is entering the interrogation room.  As he does so he shouts outside.)


Hurr: Lock me in boys.


(There is no sound from outside.  Hurr slams the door behind him not noticing he has left it ajar. The Prisoner is naked, bound to the wall in a “Palestinian crucifixion.” His face is covered. His legs are swollen and he is balanced on his broken toes and the balls of his feet.  The fan continues to whir at him.)



Hurr: You’re gonna wish to die.


Prisoner: Have mercy.  Hurr.


Hurr: Pig.


(Hurr walks over to the Prisoner and kicks his heels.  He falls forward.  This increases the pressure on his arms, choking him.)


Prisoner: Hurr.


(Hurr strikes the Prisoner at his stomach.  The prisoner’s leg buckles.  He falls forward choking. Hurr pulls a piece of metal out of the fan.  He helps the prisoner back to his feet.)


Hurr: Name.


Prisoner: Hurr.


(Hurr strikes the Prisoner in the crotch. The Prisoner falls and chokes.  Hurr pulls him to his feet making an obvious effort to touch him as little as possible.)


Hurr: Name pig.


(Hurr strikes the Prisoner much harder.  His shoulder dislocates and He begins to choke.)


Rahman: God.


Hurr: (Surprised) Shemr? (He sees the door ajar.  Rahman, who has been hiding their, hurries away) Am I talking to myself? (He slams the door locked)  I want you name and your role in the insurgency.


(Hurr rips eye holes in the prisoner’s face covering.  He switches on the screen.  It shows people in the same uniform as the Prisoner.  First they are brought in, then subjected to physical, psychological and sexual torture.  This time the images are much worse.  Broken prisoners are shown signing confessions.  They force smiles for camera.  Their captors grin.)




(Hurr rips eye holes in the Prisoner’s mask.)


Hurr: Watch.


(The Prisoner breathes with difficulty.)




Hurr: New film.


(Hurr takes the Prisoner down and pushes his body up against the projections. He carves the word “pig” on to the Prisoner’s back. )

Hurr: Name.




Prisoner: Hurr.


Hurr: Pig.




(Hurr throws the Prisoner to the floor.)


Hurr: Watch. 




Hurr: I get what I need.  You go home. 


(Hurr kicks the Prisoner in the crotch, when his legs come up he ties them to his broken arms and forces the Prisoner round onto his knees.  Hurr pushes his face into the screen.)


Hurr: Ask your god for death.


Prisoner: Just.  Only.  God.


Hurr: Married? (He strikes the prisoner) Pig wife? Little piglets? (He beats him again) Would she be disappointed in you?  If she saw you like this?


(Hurr takes a step back from the prisoner.)


Hurr: Would she be disappointed?


(The prisoner moans in pain.)


Hurr: She wouldn’t. 


Prisoner: Mercy.


Hurr: I’d fuck her too.


(Hurr rapes the Prisoner with the peace of metal.  The Prisoner tries to drag himself away.  Hurr stops him.  On the screen the images blur.  The blurs resemble the Prisoner.  The Prisoner’s moans become the percussive sound.  The Prisoner chokes and passes out. Hurr stands up and strikes the Prisoner’s prone body with the piece of metal, wiping it across him.)


Hurr: (Forcing the Prisoner’s head towards the screen ) See pig.  (Looking himself) See.


Scene 8

(Hurr is at the site of the misdirected drone attack.  Behind him there are burnt out, destroyed hovels and pieces of dead bodies.  A pile of bodies lies at one side of the screen.  A gust of wind picks up and he is chocked.  He searches for his water and takes a sip to clear his throat.  Rahman can be seen following behind.  Hurr stops, choked again.  He falls to the floor looking quite ill and Rahman moves over as if to help him up.  Hurr stirs and Rahman backs away.  Hurr makes a pile of the smaller pieces.  Searching through his things he finds a petrol canister.  He begins to pour petrol on pile he has made.  As he is doing so Rahman interrupts him.)

Rahman: What in hell is this?

Hurr:  War.

Rahman: They are villagers.

Hurr: Insurgents don’t come with labels attached.

(Hurr removes a box of matches from his bag.)

Rahman: The commission forbids you to light that match.

Hurr: You report to the commission pal.

(He lights the match and throws it on the bodies.  The smell of the smoke sickens Rahman.)

Hurr: (Makes a sniffing sound) Like frying bacon.

(Rahman vomits.)

Hurr: You best get back.  I’ve plenty more to do.

Rahman: The company does not raise pyres of natives.

Hurr: You have no idea what the company does.

(Rahman moves to stop HurrHurr easily pushes him to the ground.  Rahman falls painfully on his wounded leg.)

Hurr: What I gave I will take away.

(Rahman scrambles away.)

 Hurr: Run home dickhead.

(Hurr begins to make a second much bigger pile of the whole corpses.  He drags them into a pyramid and douses them in petrol.  He notices a body he has missed.  He realizes it is the Prisoner.)

Hurr: You win.  You die here.

(Hurr pulls the prisoner on to the top of the pile and pours petrol over him.  The prisoner splutters into life as the petrol touches his skin.  As it bounces off his shoulders they crack, as they find their location.  The Prisoner drinks the falling petrol. Trembling, Hurr fails to light a match he tries to throw on him.  The prisoner takes the box from him.  The Prisoner takes the can from Hurr and begins to pour petrol on himself as if he is making wudu.  He gestures and, frightened,  Hurr does the same.  They take the petrol can and, together, begin to wash the pile of bodies as if for Islamic burial.  Hurr falls to his knees in front of the Prisoner.)

Hurr: The prisoners all waited.  They said that you would come.

(The Prisoner lights a match and sets fire to the bodies.)


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