Inspired by the Theatre of the Oppressed: Lets get together!

It has already become apparent that the movement for social justice in Britain is learning much from events in North Africa and the Middle East.  The impressive forty three percent pay increase won recently by the workers of Oman is certainly not the only the lesson in popular empowerment we have to learn.


In fact the connection between the opening up of new political spaces and the revitalization of radical art has already been made by the new movements, both here and abroad.  But painting banners and composing slogans, are not the only form of artistic exploration that can be undertaken during times like these.  To this end, as part of my work with Via Media (the human rights and social justice project I work on), I am putting out this invitation to anyone interested in radical politics and art to take part in a series of workshops we will be running from PRISM youth club over the next two months.  These Saturday afternoons sessions will be based, loosely, on Augusto Boal’s notion of the Theatre of the Oppressed.  We will explore our bodies, space and the idea of freedom in exercises designed for people with lots, some or no experience of the theatre; everyone is welcome.  Hopefully we will be able to develop a piece of work to share with our community.  HH


I am hoping to get these sessions up and running by Saturday March 5th, so do get in touch.


For more information please email me at


Or visit my blog


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